We believe that every child we help can make a difference in the world.

While we cannot solve the problems of Africa, we believe that it is worth it to save the life and dreams of every child who comes to us for help.

Our Vision

We will achieve our mission by providing street children individualized treatment, rehabilitation and transition opportunities, thereby creating productive adults. This mission includes enhancing and strengthening community. To achieve this goal, we will create a reproducible approach and a sustainable organization.

Our Values

We believe a child should grow up in a family. We believe in an individualized approach to child development. We value spiritual development. We value local culture and norms. We value agriculture because of its sustainability. We believe in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child. We value innovative, results-based approaches.

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If you would like to donate, sign up for our newsletter or request information on volunteering, just let us know! We are interested in partnering with individuals & businesses looking to change the world, one child, one family and one city at a time.

Action for Children~Zambia (AFCZ) is a multi-national non-profit organization dedicated to helping the children living and dying on the streets in Zambia. Our organization is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States and as an NGO in Zambia, and has attracted dedicated volunteers and supporters from countries all over the world.


AFCZ is unique among similar organizations in our dedication to keeping the children we care for connected to and involved in their communities in Zambia, as well as our focus on family-style life. We believe that in order for a child to successfully transition into leading a productive life, he or she must have roots in the communities they will be returning to.

Meet Our Team

Action for Children~Zambia (AFCZ) has leadership and volunteers in several countries and a dedicated staff in Zambia.
Carol McBrady

Carol McBrady


Founder of Action for Children, Zambia. Carol sold her house in the U.S. and used the funds to move to Zambia to help street children.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Based in the USA

The Board of Directors is based in Minnesota, but we have members across the United States.

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What People Say

Hear from
Henry Bromelkamp

Henry Bromelkamp

"I first visited Mama Carol in 2007, and I've fallen in love with her kids and I'm proud of her respectful and effective program to bring street kids back into education and family life. I'm sitting in the living room of Salvation Home now with my nephew Nathan. I have 200 nephews here, each one a bright star."

Chris Reeve

Chris Reeve

"What an amazing place. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to bring to Zambia as many clothes as we could to fit in our luggage allowance to give to the kids. The beaming smiles the kids gave us were great! Visiting Zambia and Action for Children - Zambia was the best thing I've done in my life, I would recommend it to anyone."

Action for Children Zambia (AFCZ) is determined to provide the street children in Zambia with the basic human dignities that many of them are denied.

Updates from Carol

Here the latest news from Zambia!

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2019 Year End Appeal!

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